picture your Fantasy

Creating a “Fantasy”, “Dream” or “Vision” portrait is a way for your to go deeper and explore your best self or alter ego. It's about personal transformation. In this creative process we unlock an image that expresses your spirit and soul. This helps you to step into that other self and bring new information to your future self.

Your Fantasy Portrait will be an image so detailed, so real, inspiring and powerful and will be there to serve you when you need to call upon it. Or it can be a way to celebrate your "awesome" with a one-of-a-kind portrait experience.

The evolution of a fantasy portrait

From costumes and makeup, accessories and hair, creating a Fantasy Portrait was such a fun experience. I never thought I would be posing for a portrait with a dragon!
— Hannah Saltonstall, Dragon Princess Fantasy Portrait

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FaNTASY Portraits


Both experiences help you to step out of your daily life and connect with your inner beauty.

With a Fantasy Portrait we create a more uncommon portrait, one that is inspired by your dreams, aspirations and favorite things. We'll work together to tell your story in a unique visual way.

With a Luxury Portrait we'll do a fully-guided photoshoot with hair, make-up and styling with 3-4 different outfit changes. You'll be ready for a night out on the town after your shoot! Make it a girl's night out and do your portrait with friends.

Q: what can I expect from a FANTASY portrait?

A story co-created together with the Fantasy Portrait team that brings out the “YOU” you’d like to be when you’re in your favorite place/your best self/your most authentic/your most “awesome”.

A discovery session. About you — your dreams and memories, your experiences and desires, your hopes for the future. The object is to "let go" — and explore feelings and thoughts you may not get to express in your daily life. We’ll work together collecting inspirational images to guide and fine-tune this "unexplored" self.

Costumes, hair, makeup, styling and environments that tell your story and make you feel your most beautiful.

You're the star! A fun photoshoot surrounded by a supportive team dedicated to make you look fabulous.

A skillfully crafted portrait by an experienced conceptual photographer/art director who has been helping women appreciate themselves through the Fantasy Portrait process.

A high-quality image you can hang where you’ll be inspired every time you look at it.

A way to remember “YOU” at your most awesome.