We’re the spark you may need in your life right now!

We all know how life can get dull and unimaginative. Let’s go on this adventure together to get YOU excited about YOU again!

We specialize in making women feel alive! It really comes down to just that! We see women transform themselves right before our eyes as we go through our process!

You see, woman are usually the ones behind the camera, making sure that everyone else is in the picture. At Fantasy Portraits, you're the star and we take care of you!

Whether you dream of looking like a goddess, princess warrior or just fabulous in jeans and bare feet. It's all here. We’ll create your perfect authentic look together!

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I had an amazing experience — I loved getting pampered with hair and makeup. The time went by so quickly! The photographs are c’est magnifique!!!!!! Thank you Tracey :)
— Tiana Gjerman, High School Senior
We really enjoyed our shoot with Tracey! She captured the spirit of our relationship and we were pleased to see the final results!
— Linda & Sam, Mother and Daughter

There is something mystical and magical when you inhabit your own vision or dream. I highly recommend it. Tracey has a way of helping you birth a vision into reality. The process itself helps you discern what is truly meaningful to you.
— Delisa Sage, Collage Artist
Tracey has endless amounts of creativity that she conveys in every aspect of Fantasy Portraits. From costumes and makeup, accessories and hair, Tracey brings ideas to life, along with her talent for photography. Creating a Fantasy Portrait was such a fun experience. I never would have thought I would be posing with a dragon!
— Hannah Saltonstall, College Student